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Database Services

USIT has Oracle Certified Professionals (OCPs), including Oracle Masters, to meet all of your database project needs. We have Oracle Core DBAs, Applications DBAs, RAC specialists, and others to fit your requirements.

No database project is too small or too large. We have experience with short performance tuning projects, as well as long-term DBA contracts for major clients. We offer remote database management services as an alternative to hiring your own full time, on-site DBA. If you have a performance issue that you just can't figure out, or have a long term requirement to support and manage your environment, give us a call, we’re here to help!

Our DBAs are skilled in the latest Oracle database versions including 12c, Oracle High Availability, Performance Tuning, BI & Data Warehousing, Records Management, Clustering, Security and Compliance, Content Management, and Grid Computing. If you have need for an Oracle specialist, we've got you covered.

USIT offers DBAs on a project basis, in blocks of hours, or prepackaged solutions. You can purchase 30, 60, 90, or 180-day blocks, with progressively discounted pricing.

Once our customers experience the value that we bring to them, we become their permanent technology partner and trusted advisor.