How Ola.pet reached 13% conversion rate with only Beeketing free apps

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Ola.pet began with a simple mission: make it easier for pet owners to shop practical and fun products for their pets at ease. However, they faced a common problem as a newly-opened store:

“I built a website, promoted it on Facebook and am getting a lot of visitors, but no one is buying.”
“10 days in, 1125 visitors and still no sales…”

Do these sound familiar? It’s the pain that the founders at Ola.pet faced when the dollars they spent on ads did not convert into sales. Building a profitable business isn’t just about getting your store up well and throwing traffic into it. In fact, those are just the very first steps.


At the beginning of Ola.pet's journey, 2 founders were so frustrated as they spent a lot of money on ads, however, the conversion is very low, only around 1-1.5%. They decided to try Better Coupon Box app by Beeketing to offer a discount code to customers and reached out to our customer success gurus for help.

Understanding that they needed to increase conversions before scaling, our gurus introduced all of our free apps so they could try without spending a dime."The good things in life are free, including Beeketing apps. Plus, their support is top notch!" - said Mike, co-founder at Ola.pet.

Currently, they are using all of Beeketing free apps to build trust for their store and increase conversions.First, Ola.pet utilizes Better Coupon Box app to show a coupon popup right on the front page, to welcome visitors and offer a discount code to encourage them take a look at products on store.

For each new customer, they will automatically send a thank-you email to develop a personal connection and lend a helping hand if there's anything they could support, by using Happy Email app.


Then, they use Sales Pop to build customers' trust and motivate them to buy. This app generates recent-sales notifications showing what other people are buying on an online store, which creates a sense of urgency and social proof to bring a positive influence on customers' buying decisions.

Whenever customers have any questions, they can quickly use the chat function by Quick Facebook Chat which allows they to chat with the store owners right on store via Facebook Messenger accounts. Those messages go directly to Facebook page's inbox and Ola.pet can answer them right away.


Moving to the product page, Ola.Pet uses the parallel powers of scarcity and urgency with Stock Countdown and Countdown Timer to fuel customers' fear of missing out. These tactics make it seem like a product is in short supply, or like the opportunity is only available for a limited time.The low-pressure approach of Sales Pop in combination with a countdown timer and stock countdown work well together to give Ola.Pet the physicality of being staffed.

Further more, recognizing the face that mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic years ago, Ola.Pet optimizes their mobile version with Mobile Web Boost, which adds a fixed add-to-cart button at the top whenever customers scroll on page, and allows a full-screen view of products to give them a better look of the items. The app eliminates the disadvantages, satisfies your customers and drives their actions while they are browsing your online stores on mobile.



Overall, Ola.pet reached a dream conversion rate of 13% by using Beeketing FREE apps only.
Sometimes the investment on your online store doesn't have to cost much. Think simple. Maybe a little tweak, a small free app can turn the table. Ola.Pet is a live evidence that you can build a great marketing stack without spending a dollar.
If you're ready to boost up your business like them, let's try Beeketing apps and you can evenstart with the free ones first while still making way more money!

"The good things in life are free, including Beeketing apps. We have definitely seen an increase in conversions and customers adding multiple items to their cart. It's been amazing, especially to a new store like ours."

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