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USIT Wins Two New Contracts with NOAA for Oracle System Administration and Remote DB Monitoring Services


USIT has been awarded a Sole Source one-year contract for Oracle Administration Support Services for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC) supported out of the Seattle Washington office. Through our continued success of providing exceptional quality/on-demand services that exceed NOAA’s expectations, NOAA has chosen USIT to manage several of their ongoing IT organizational functions.

The Alaska Fisheries Science Center (ASFC) of the National Marine Fisheries Science Center (NMFS) is responsible for generating the scientific information and analysis necessary for the conservation, management and utilization of the region’s marine resources. In support of NMFS AFSC mission, and to enhance and sustain the infrastructure support, operational capacity and quality of services rendered by the NMFS AFSC supporting various program areas, the AFSC Offices of Information Systems (OFIS) develops, operates several critical Information Technology Systems.

USIT has been awarded the contract to coordinate the operation of the AFSC Applications and related environments, working with AFSC staff and other contractors.


USIT has also been awarded a Sole Source one-year contract to provide Remote Database & Monitoring Support Services for all of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Oracle Database, Mid-Tier, Unix OS, Linux, Microsoft SQL Server Systems, including monitoring operational processes and procedures, services management, security, issue tracking and response, proactive and reactive monitoring, and knowledge transfer. This contract is in support of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC), expands our Managed Service offerings with NOAA into areas outside of Oracle such as the Microsoft environment, and provides NOAA with the flexibility to rely on USIT for supporting its heterogeneous IT requirements.

We are continuing to aggressively grow our presence at NOAA. USIT is now supporting 4 NOAA programs for both onsite and offsite support services. Our footprint for IT Support Services at NOAA includes the following:

  • NOAA-OLE (Office of Law Enforcement)
  • NOAA-NMFS-CIO (National Marine Fisheries Service) CIO Office
  • NOAA-NMFS-NERO (Northeast Regional Office)
  • NOAA-AFSC (Alaska Fisheries Science Center)

USIT is now in our 5th year supporting NOAA. Our team's ability to focus on positioning our Professional Service offerings has been instrumental in facilitating this expansion to new and existing customer accounts within NOAA. Many Agencies are dealing with constrained budgets and are looking for more efficient approaches to staffing and managing their IT workload. As customers deal with attrition of critical resources either through retirement or voluntary departures, USIT’s staffing model for Oracle and IT talent and/or services poses an efficient and effective alternative for IT organizations such as NOAA. NOAA has chosen USIT to support their IT environment rather than replace or increase its internal staff.

USIT offers real-time database monitoring for commercial and government clients using the latest communications protocols, database and network monitoring tools. Through our Remote Database Administration and Monitoring offering, USIT uses advanced monitoring techniques and provides 24x7 coverage for customers at a fraction of the price for full time on-site personnel. USIT helps reduce DBA costs by engaging skilled resources, proven processes, and innovation in a shared services delivery model.