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USIT Wins State of Florida State-Wide Contract for Information Technology Services

USIT was a successful bidder on the State of Florida’s new two year state term contract. The contract is for Information technology services. The State of Florida’s IDIQ task order contract is to provide Information technology services for a period of two years, starting September 1, 2016. Under this contract USIT can bid on task orders for professional and technical information technology services including:

  • Database Administration and Support
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Application Technical Support
  • Software upgrades and testing
  • Security analyses and risk assessments

This award signifies USIT’s expanding national reputation in the Oracle professional services arena. To win, we were required to submit past performance to showing the required experience to perform the work and have historically delivered high-quality information technology services. USIT satisfied these requirements, demonstrating to the State of Florida that we were a highly qualified vendor.