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About Us

U.S. Information Technologies Corporation (USIT) is a leading provider of Oracle-based information technology solutions. Our national workforce, many of whom are former Oracle employees, bring extensive credentials to projects needing Oracle database, development tools and EBusiness Suite (EBS) expertise. USIT helps clients solve challenging IT problems by leveraging industry best practices and our in-depth Oracle technology expertise.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Concept Plus LLC

Corporate Philosophy and Value Proposition

We have a simple win-win-win philosophy. USIT offers its employees industry-leading training, benefits, and compensation plans, because we only want to attract and retain the best. You can't hire the best unless you treat them better than anyone else will. Our consultants win because that's what we do.

Our customers win because we give them only extremely knowledgeable and gifted people who meet our high standards. We strive to keep our operations streamlined and efficient so our rates stay competitive.

USIT wins because our company is growing rapidly and we enjoy an enviable position in this marketplace. We know our company will continue to grow because we only require the opportunity to show what we can do–and that's a simple marketing function of opening doors and listening to the client, not with an eye towards what product you can sell, but with a strategy for how to solve their problem. Once our customers experience the value that we bring to them, we become their permanent technology partners and trusted advisors.